Red Lipstick

Posted on December 17, 2019 by Monique Bullock

One more day until my audition, Lilah thought to herself. She felt an array of nerves and butterflies, as she thought this day would never come. A shy girl from Texas with a big heart now ready to fulfill her dream.

“Woa! Earth to Lilah, are you daydreaming? Get it together girl, throw the red wine back and lets take it from the top. You are an aspiring singer, but there are thousands that can only wish to be in your shoes right now, without the voice to match.”

Lilah sent in an audition tape six months prior when she first heard that the popular show, The Best Voice, would be coming to Dallas. Her best friend Ashley put her up to it, but she had no idea that it would be heard and chosen!

From the top, Lilah sung passionately, “Everydayyyyy is so wonderful, then suddenly it’s hard to breathe. Now and then I get insecureeee… I am beautiful no matter what they sayyyy. Words can’t bring me-eee down.” She sang the whole song and Ash clapped for her, “Bravo- bravo! You are ready chica. Now get some rest and go sing your heart out tomorrow.”

It’s the big day and there’s crowds of singers ready to go in and give it their all. Lilah is freaking out, but her best friend Ashley is there to support her.

“You got this chica! You’re freaking amazing! Your voice is like smooth silk chocolate!” Just as Lilah is about to go on stage Ashley yells out, “Wait! You forgot something!”

She throws a small tube like object to Lilah. Lilah opens it and it’s vibrant red lipstick. She thinks to herself, really. This is it. She shrugs, puts the lipstick on and walks onto the stage in front of four famous judges. They ask her to state her name and what she is going to sing.

She proceeds, at first stumbling on her words. She catches her reflection in the mirror behind the judges, sees the red lipstick, and now smiles with confidence. She isn’t quite sure if it was the lipstick or her best friends encouraging words, but she sung the hell out of, “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera, and all four judges gave her a standing ovation.

Lilah ran out after her audition screaming with joy. “I did it! I made it to the next round!” She hugged Ash and vowed to never stop singing. Every week thereafter, was the same. She won the competition and got a record deal to jump start her career…

Now ten years later she is motivating young girls and adults to chase after their dreams.

Oh and by the way. Never forget your red lipstick.


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