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Help! Help Daddy! I’m drowning. James woke up at three a.m with sweat dripping from his body. This was a reoccurring thing ever since his son died just one year ago. “Baby, it’s okay, it’s okay.” His wife, Hailey, would kiss him multiple times and reassure him, “It wasn’t your fault.” Attempting to wash the nightmare away from his mind he’d make love to her, hard, passionless, and with a dark fire that wasn’t there before.

The next morning his wife would awake before him to prepare his coffee, black, just as he likes it. After a while James would come out of their room, dressed for work. “Good morning honey”, he would say. “I’m off to work and i’ll be in late tonight so don’t wait up.”

Hailey wondered, after a full year of, i’ll be home late tonight, and the meaningless sex, if her husband might have been having an affair. She knew that their son’s death was a tragedy, but she didn’t realize that after losing her son she’d lose her husband too.

Their son was only six years old when he lost his life. It was early Sunday morning and he and his father had gone fishing. Fishing was a way that they regularly bonded. Mason had an adult size fishing pole as he would always say, small poles are for pussiesMase, i’ll be right back going to get some more bait from the truck, James shouted. Okay daddy! I’ll show these fishies whose boss while you’re gone!

James walked over to his truck, a few minutes down the road, and when he returned, bait in hand, he did not see Mason. He yelled out his son’s name over and over again, but still no Mason. He began to panic and jumped into the deep water, full of adrenaline, to search for his son. By the time he found his son, it was too late. The hook from the fishing pole was wrapped around his neck as he pulled his lifeless son out of the water…

James was not having an affair, but he was angry at his wife. Angry that her grieving stage seemed to be easier than his. He was devastated and knew that it was his fault that Mason was gone. So instead of going home after work, he would go to the same spot that he and his son would fish. He would fish and picture Mason happily fishing beside him; grinning from ear to ear. Every night he would hear his son’s voice.

Daddy. It’s okay that you didn’t save me. I’m still here and I still got my fishing pole, not the small one for pussies. James would chuckle as he sat near the water hearing his son’s voice. I love you Mase and I always will. James went home that night with a plan.

His wife had dinner wrapped up for him once he arrived home, as it was past midnight, and she had already fallen asleep. He didn’t eat, but instead woke his wife up and told her he loved her. He kissed her body, arousing her more and more with each kiss. This time he was gentle, undressing her slowly, and taking his time. “I love you and I am going to make this right.” He made love to her for the last time. The way she wanted it, full of life and passion. She thought, finally my husband is back.

Seven days went by since James went missing. On the eighth day James was found dead in the same spot that his son lost his life.


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