The Woman Upstairs

Posted on December 17, 2019 by Monique Bullock

Brian peeked out of the window as he heard heels clanking down the stairs. He noticed that every night, around two in the morning, she would come down the stairs and walk out of the small apartment complex, singing to herself. She was tall and slim with long brown hair, and Brian had a thing for tall girls. He saw how her short, fitted dress hugged her body and he immediately became erect. He imagined her standing right in front of him touching herself while inviting him to come play for a while. He couldn’t help it, he grabbed the lotion, turned his gaming system off, and jerked off until he reached climax.

“Dude, I bet she’s hot, but why she never come out during the day. Something ain’t right.” Brian thought about what his friend Jeremy said as he walked to his morning class. This is his last year in college, and instead of paying for an expensive dorm room, as he did in the past, he decided to live right down the street at the, cheap Donn Apartments. The apartment wasn’t all that bad, but he wouldn’t imagine anyone would live there if they weren’t attending the college nearby. It didn’t even have a full kitchen because they knew college students would most likely cook ramen noodles in the microwave or eat on campus.

After class, he knew that meeting her would soon be in his cards because he had to have this mysterious girl. “What is the equation, Mr. Williams?” Brian looked puzzled as the professor asked him a question that he knew nothing about. He breezed through his classes half way paying attention and thinking about the unknown girl. It’s six in the evening and he and his friends hit up the campus bar. Fridays are half off drinks at the shack so of course they had to attend. Brian saw plenty hot girls at the shack while he chatted with his friends about the next football game coming up. “Nah. Our team will definitely murder that lame ass team.” “Yea dude. They lose every year what makes them think this year will be any different.” After downing a few drinks he was feeling good and began swaying to the music. “Bro, I’m going to step outside for a minute. I’m feeling too lit,” Brian said to his friend Jeremy as he stumbled carelessly out of the small bar.

Brian walked outside, leaned against his car, and lit a blunt. As he was smoking and feeling faded he looked off into the distance and saw the mystery girl. He felt as if she was looking straight at him. He began walking towards her and she started to run. “Wait up!” Brian ran after her but he felt as if he was going in slow motion. “Wait, whats your name?” The girl kept running now running up the stairs of her apartment, slamming the door behind her. “Fuck!” Brian shouted. It’s now or never.

He made his way up the stairs and knocked on her door not knowing what he would say when she opened it. On the sixth knock she opened the door. This was his first time seeing her up close. She was beautiful. Hazel eyes, smooth skin, and freckles all over. Why was she always hiding? He wondered to himself. “Can I um, come in?” She replied softly saying, “why?” Brian now felt like he had to have another answer other than, because you’re hot and I want to smash. So he took a deep breath and said, “look, I go to the college right down the road and I never see you there, but I see you leave your apartment all the time and I want to get to know you.”

“It’s Velvet.” Brian looked at her confused. “That’s my name. Come on in if you wish, normally I don’t let strange men in my home for free.” She smirked. “Oh really? Whats that supposed to mean?” Brian walked inside and was mesmerized at the red lights, paintings, and personality in her apartment. Her place looked so much better than his. He took a seat as she offered him water seeing that he was already buzzed. He watched as she sat across from him in the small navy blue, suede couch. Now that he was actually with her, in her home, she didn’t seem as mysterious as before. She was quite normal. “Why were you running from me earlier?” “I was trying to decide if I wanted to come out tonight and you started chasing me. I didn’t know who you were!” He thought to himself and that did make sense.

Around 2 a.m after talking and laughing the whole night Velvet told Brian to go home because it was getting late. Although he wanted to stay he abided by her rules and went back downstairs to his own home. Thirty minutes later he heard the door open from upstairs and he peeked out of his window to see if it was her. Sure enough, she was leaving. Once again he heard her heels as she went down the stairs and saw her dressed in a short black leather skirt and a lace bra. He felt himself harden as he caught a glimpse of her nipples through the lace but, instead of his usual session, he decided to go after her. “Where are you going? You leave around this time almost every night.” “What are you, a stalker, damn! What’s it to you?” “Okay. My bad, just thought we were getting to know each other and all…” “I know. Its just, I’m a stripper part time two to six a.m. It’s something that I have to do and I don’t need anyone all in my business.” “Let me go with you.” “What? No you can’t and I’m already late so if you will excuse me.” “I’ll drive you. Don’t worry I don’t judge.” Velvet reluctantly allowed him to take her to work.

“Promise me you won’t come inside.” Velvet gave him a look and he nodded. She walked away from the car and disappeared into the hole in the wall strip club. Brian sat in the car and contemplated on whether he’d stay there and wait for her or if he wanted to just go home. He couldn’t figure out why such a beautiful woman such as Velvet would need to be doing this for money. Nothing wrong with taking a peek inside. Brian got out of his car and went up to the strip club. Once inside he saw plenty naked girls, but he was searching for Velvet. This club is much bigger on the inside than I thought and damn these girls are fine but not as sexy as my Velvet. Just as Brian was getting lost in thought he spotted her close to the bar. Wow! He gazed at her face first, then brought his eyes down to her naked, supple breast. She still wore her skirt as if she was too shy to remove it and Brian liked that about her. To think she was still a mystery turned him on. He wanted to go up to her, but instead he respected her wishes and went back to the car before she could catch him.

Brian awoke abruptly to a knock on his car window. He hadn’t realized he dozed off in the car. Velvet knocked again and he unlocked the door realizing it was just her. “Hey sleepy head. I didn’t think you were actually going to wait on me. Thank you.” “Well, I had to make sure you were safe.” She hopped in the stained front seat of his car and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Smiling she said, “I really appreciate it.” As they pulled up to the apartment complex he parked, opened her door, and stated, “Let’s hang out later.” She agreed and hurried up the stairs with her heels in her hands.

It’s about two in the afternoon and Brian is just now crawling out of bed. He text his friend, Jeremy, letting him know that he finally managed to get a date with the hot, mysterious girl upstairs. Sniffing under his arms he realized that maybe he should take a quick shower before making any other moves for the day. After his shower he sprayed on some cheap cologne and text Velvet, You ready baby. lol. She replied back, Yes, I’m ready, but I’m not sure if the baby is ready. Brian looked at the text wide eyed and she replied just in time, Juuust kidding! No babies in site. ha ha. Brian ran upstairs and knocked on the door. When she opened it she laughed at his expression. “Excuse me ma’am. I am here to inspect the place and make sure that there are no babies.” Really Brian! They both laughed as he walked into her home and gave her a hug hoping she’d realize how good he smelled. Her hug was warm and he felt comfortable around her. After talking and gazing at each other for what felt like a long time,Brian said boldly. “I like you.” “I like you too.”

Sixty Two Days Later…

“Babe. I’m coming with you!” Velvet said excitedly. “Whaaat! You’re actually going to leave your apartment.” “Yup!” Brian kissed her lips and said, “Alright, Cool,” while grabbing her booty. It’s Jeremy’s birthday and they are going to a lounge to celebrate. This is the first time she would actually be meeting his friends and he couldn’t believe she was finally ready to go out in public. She was quite shy and always kept to herself. She told Brian about her horrible child hood. Her mentality had changed over the years, causing her to retreat into her apartment and stay there in her comfort zone. Here she was stepping out of her comfort zone, for him.

“Jeremy. Meet my girl, Velvet.” “Happy Birthday!” Velvet said with a nervous smile on her face. “It’s nice to finally meet the woman upstairs that Brian have been raving about for months! Wow. You’re gorgeous.” “Okay bro, that’s enough.” They all laughed and went inside the lounge where they had a section. Brian introduced Velvet to the other guys and their girls as the night went on and the drinks loosened her up. “Lets go dance baby!” Brian shouted in her ear over the loud music. He pulled her up and started dancing with her, holding her hips and swaying with her as she got lost in the music.

Hours later they ended up back at Brian’s place laughing as they walked in the door. “That was fun!” she said with a grin. Brian looked at her and felt amazing as he watched her smile. He pulled her closely and begin kissing her all over. Literally. He kissed her hair, her eyes, her cheek, and her lips before finally moving towards her neck. He heard her quiet moan and lifted up her dress while unclasping her bra. He hadn’t seen her breast since that night he caught a peek at the strip club. She was no longer stripping as she grew comfortable with herself and realized that she did not need to do that anymore. He kissed her breast and caressed her nipples feeling them grow hard between his fingers. Moaning a little louder, he stopped what he was doing and led her into the bedroom where he finished undressing her. He laid her on the bed and put one finger into her sex, feeling how wet she’d gotten for him. “Please.” she said softly. “Say no more my lady.” She giggled and he slid into her watching as her giggles turned into moans. That was the first time they had sex and as she laid next to him asleep, he thought to himself, wow. I think I love this girl. He hadn’t felt this connection with any other girl before.

He awoke the next day and Velvet was not there. He showered and went upstairs to see her but, instead he found a letter taped to her door.

It read: Dear babe,

Meeting you has truly been a wonderful experience. I never knew that someone could make me so happy in such a short amount of time. I expected to live here in this crappy apartment forever, but you’ve showed me that there is more to this life than being in the small box I created for myself. I have to go now and make something of myself; Fix issues that were just swept under the rug. I need help and you’ve helped me begin my healing process. Just know that I love you and someday if it’s meant to be we will meet again.

-Sincerely, The woman upstairs

Brian felt a mix of emotions and immediately called her but, her cell did not ring and the number had been disconnected. He didn’t know if he would ever meet her again, but he hoped that God would place her back into his life.

5 Years Later…

Brian was walking down the sidewalk cooling off from his morning jog when he looked up and noticed a tall, slim, woman with long brown hair coming towards him with a grin on her face. “Velvet! Is it really you?”


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