Standing in the Shadows (Chapters 11-15)

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A fictional story about an African American couple who is ready to take their relationship to the next level but, James has a past that might hinder him from taking that next step. A drama-filled romance that will be released in mini-chapters. Read on and feel free to leave a comment!  

Chapter 11- Ashley

This weekend with James has been amazing. I didn't realize that anger could bring about so much passionate love. We had arguments before but, this time was different. It wasn't just sex. It was that intimate connection that brought us closer. Sunday night James took me to a restaurant, Indigo's Maine, and it was beautiful inside. When we walked into the door a lush waterfall was streaming down inviting us into the dim lit restaurant. There was a band on the stage playing jazz music and the setup of everything just put me in the right mood. "Wow babe. This is nice! How did you find this hidden gem?" James kissed me on the cheek and guided me to the table, following the host, with his hand on the small of my back. 

He pulled out my chair like the perfect gentleman and waited for me to sit, before he went around to his side to take a seat. He sure is being nice, what is this man up to, she thought to herself. We ordered dinner, sipped on red wine cabernet, and talked non stop; reminiscing about our first date and quirky things that we happened to have in common. The night was going so well!

After dinner, James and I went out back to the patio, that housed a string lit gazebo, he pulls some papers out of his pocket and unfolds them. He nervously began reading his hand written love note and I listened with so much joy in my heart. I felt like a little girl again nervous with butterflies, blushing and holding his hands. No man has ever made me feel this way and honestly I don't know where I would be without this human. I'm not saying I was gone be going down a path of destruction or nothing like that but, yall know what I mean. Everything was so romantic.

As I listened to him pour his heart out I started to feel a bad feeling forming in my throat and my mouth started to water...

"Will you marry me?" 

Before I could even take it all in, a mouthful of vomit erupted onto James. "I'm so sorry baby," was all I could say while holding my stomach. A perfect night ruined. He took me home and told me to get some rest. "I feel so bad," I muttered to James before falling asleep. I woke up the next morning, to the sound of my alarm, feeling nauseous. "Alexa! Stop." What is wrong with me and where is James? He must have left for work already. 

I went to the restroom, got naked, and sat on the toilet just replaying the events from last night, while I take a poop. Twenty minutes later, now in the shower, I had a thought that maybe, just maybe I was pregnant. My period has always been irregular so I didn't know whether I'd missed a period or not. The odds of me being pregnant are slim to none. I have this scare at least twice a year and never turned out pregnant. I pushed the thought out of my head, got ready, and headed off to work.

Chapter 12- James

"Last night I had everything planned bro. I don't know what happened, she just fucking threw up on me... Yes, as soon as I proposed man! I am calm. Look ima call you back later." 


As I hung up the phone a million thoughts raced through my head. I knew it wasn't the right time. I made a mistake. She got so overwhelmed it made her sick to her stomach. I can't go home tonight. I can't face it. A tap on my shoulder interrupted my thoughts. I turn around and I see my ex smiling at me. She asked me if I was okay and inquired about how things were going. I put on a front as if everything was perfect. I couldn't let her see me down and I hate to admit it, but she was just as sexy as she was before. Damn! I quickly shook that out of my head. The woman that I love needs to be the only woman in my head right now. "I have to go." I said to her while walking away.

Chapter 13- The Ex

"Wait a minute! Are you in a rush?" I caught up to him and used the, " I was checking out some real estate", card to reel him in. We broke up because I simply wasn't ready for marriage. I was too young, yet he was so deeply in love with me. I hate to say it but, I broke his heart, and now I need him. I have been watching him for a couple of months now and finally I had the guts to go up to him. I wore a tight red dress that accentuated all of my curves, with the same heels that I would always keep on while he made love to me. I followed him to the coffee shop that he regularly went to and made sure to make my presence be known. 

See I'm not a crazy bitch. I got him once and I know how to get him again. He thinks he is doing fine, but I know a man in distress. Time to get my man back! He took a break from his work and agreed to hang out for a bit. We spent the whole day laughing, talking, and catching up going from coffee in the morning to bars in the evening. My plan was going well. I asked him to come to my place. "I can definitely ease your mind." He was reluctant but, who could resist my beautiful face and soft red lips asking him to please come over. I know James can't. He is a sucker for a beautiful woman begging him to seduce her. 

Chapter 14- Ashley

Work was going well and I made it in on time. I was feeling better so I called James but, he didn't answer his phone. Maybe work is keeping him busy. I got on with my day and called later on in the afternoon, and still, no answer. I wanted to be that girl that keeps calling her man, until he picks up, but I decided I was going to keep my composure and not act crazy. 

On my lunch break I went to Walgreens to purchase a pregnancy test. I know I pushed the thought away earlier, but damn I was still feeling nervous about it. Put it back girl you're not pregnant. You haven't even married the man yet. My conscious nagged at me as I walked to the register, pregnancy test in hand. The woman at the register looked at me with that, good luck, expression. I went ahead and bought some chocolate too. 

Should I take it now? I thought to myself as I stepped back into my office. I tried calling James one more time. No answer. I guess i'll just wait until I'm home. I had to call someone. I needed a friend even though work policy is no personal calls. I snuck off to the restroom and called my little sister, Ariele. As soon as she said hello, I burst into tears. I told her everything. The failed proposal, my vomitting, and pregnancy scare. I gave her all the damn details. She consoled me and said she'd come over around six p.m. The day dragged after that while I was anxiously waiting to get off. 

Chapter 15- James

It was such a coincidence that Mona, my ex, came up to me today. I hadn't seen her in years. Memories came back with every move she made, swaying those hips. The way she moved her lips, staring straight into my eyes with that gaze. None of it mattered though. She'd lost that chance a long time ago. So why was I still there? Ash called and I kept letting it go to voicemail, placing my phone on silent. We had a couple of drinks and I said, "This is nice but, I have to get home." That sad look she had on her face led me to hug her. "Maybe we will run into eachother again someday." She held on to that hug pulling our bodies closer together. 

"Please come to my home. I need a little company." I shook my head. "Nah, It's getting late." She said, "okay", turned away, and dropped her keys. She bent over slowly to pick them up, her dress rising in the back giving me a glimpse of her ass. "Maybe I can come for a little while," I told her as I ignored another one of Ashley's calls. 

Her place was just as I remembered it, small and cozy. She had a king size bed yet, no couch in her studio apartment. As I sat on her bed she offered me a drink, dimmed the lights from her lamp, and told me to relax. Already feeling my drinks from earlier, I downed this one and lied down on the bed. Looking over I saw Mona undressing in the restroom. She accidentally left the door open. Damn. I can't take this. 

To be continued... 


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