Standing in the Shadows (Chapters 6-10)

Posted on October 25, 2019 by Monique Bullock


A fictional story about an African American couple who is ready to take their relationship to the next level but, James has a past that might hinder him from taking that next step. A drama-filled romance that will be released in mini-chapters. Read on and feel free to leave a comment!  

Chapter 6- James

"A'ight. Later," I met up with the guys to shoot some hoops and beat them 21 to 6. "Yesss-sirrr! Them boys thought they was gone get me off my game because I forgot we was playing today, hell nah!" Back in my truck I put on some jams and before taking off looked at the time. Hmmm. 15 'till midnight. Guess i'll go grab some beer and head on home. 

It's going on 1 a.m when I make it home and grab the pack of heineken and my gym bag from the small backseat of my truck. The guys and I hadn't been to the lyfe gym in awhile. I was definitely a little rusty on the court but, so were they. It's time for me to really get back on the court so I can stay fit. I put my key into the door, unlocked it, and walked in quietly just in case my woman was sleep. That way, when she wakes in the morning she won't know what time I got in. I'll plead the 5th. I raided the fridge for something to eat and decided to just warm up the left over pizza. When I opened the box it was only two slices left. Damn, Ash can eat. She's been eating a hella lot lately. I drunk three beers and ate the leftover pizza while watching tv downstairs in the living room.

As I sat on the black leather couch I thought about all of my success and how proud I was of my home. It was exactly what I wanted modern, open, sleek, and manly. Well it was manly until Ash moved in and redecorated. I now saw pops of color, pillows everywhere, and blankets draped over the couch. I don't care much for the decor but, if my woman is happy then I am one happy man especially when she puts it on me just how I like. 

Feeling full and sleepy I wandered upstairs and slid under the covers. "Thats you baby?" Ashley whispered in her sleep. I kissed her forehead, "Yea, it's me." She dozed back off to sleep and I closed my eyes pulling her close to me. I had a slight smell from playing b-ball earlier but, I was too lazy and tired to shower. Oh well, it can wait until the morning. I woke up at about five in the morning feeling horny. Damn, should I wake her? My dick was saying yes but, my mind was saying let my baby sleep. I rolled over in attempt to go back to sleep. After a while, my dick went back to sleep too. 

Chapter 7- Ashley

As I woke, the sun streaming through the bedroom window, with sheer curtains, blinded me for a second. I got out of bed stretching and looking at my man. He must've gotten in late after I fell asleep. What time did I fall asleep again? I couldn't remember so I decided not to make a fuss about it. Guess i'll just let him get his rest. After showering, I cooked and ate breakfast while James continued sleeping. It's almost noon and he's still asleep. Just as I was about to leave to do some shopping James came up to me saying goodmorning. 

"Babe, it's not morning anymore." I said with a smirk. He grins walking into the kitchen, smelling my leftover breakfast. "What you make me for breakfast baby?" I looked at him with that same smirk, "Uhh babe, you slept through breakfast." He had the nerve to look upset. "You never cook for me! What I ain't good enough to get some hot food on a plate? You can't feed a nigga."

Those words turned into an argument as we went back and forth shouting about what we don't do for each other. To add salt to the wound I yelled, "Nigga! You don't do shit to deserve a hot meal just lay up on ya ass all day thinking you doing something." With that, I walked out the door with my michael kors bag that he bought me. I lied though, my man is great and he definitely doesn't lay on his ass all day. He works hard but, anger can make you say some mean things!

Chapter 8- James

I let her walk out. If she want to leave, leave. She'll be back. I called up a couple of friends to come chill at my place. We watched a football game, downed some beers, and ordered some bbq off uber eats. I was having a damn good Saturday whether she was mad or not. I don't know if Derek, one of the guys, had too much to drink or what but, he started asking me some deep shit. "When are you and your girl gone settle down man? Yall been together what 100 years now?" 

"Ha.Ha. Real funny, we have been together for a long time. Man I'm just waiting for the right moment." Whenever that might come. Throughout the day I wanted to call Ash and apologize but, I didn't want her to think she was right. So I didn't call her and she never called me. I laughed and joked with my friends as if nothing was wrong.

Chapter 9- Ashley

After a couple of hours away from home, talking to my girls, I started to feel bad about what I said to my man earlier. Why didn't I just fix him some breakfast? I had to make it up to him, so I went to the mall with the girls to get him a little gift. After twenty minutes of driving around in the garage we found parking. "Girl, I was about to say lets just go to Ross!" "Tasha aint nobody trying to go to Ross", I said laughing. 

All four of us walked into the mall looking all cute like them girls off of that show, Girlfriends, some of yall might not know about that. I had on my red crop top with my hip hugging denim and distressed jeans, that stopped right at my ankles, and some strappy ankle sandals because, unlike them other females I don't want to be limping in the mall because my feet hurt from heels. We browsed store after store getting some namebrand items like, Maui Jim, sunglasses and, Gucci bags.

The last store we went to was Victoria Secret and I had fun spritzing perfume on and trying on sexy launderie. Looking in the mirror, with this skimpy pink bow launderie on, I noticed a little roll forming on my hip and nu-uh am I bloated. Oh nah, I'm gone have to set up something with my trainer because I'm gaining weight. I've always been slim-thick and I am not trying to roll over to the chunky-thick side. I checked out my items in the line using my Vicky Secret credit card and then we went to the food court to grab some food and have a few margaritas.

That evening, I returned home with groceries and my bags from the mall. I heard the shower water running so I knew James was in it. I cooked up some pork chops with rice and gravy and asparagus, then pulled out two short glasses and poured some bourbon whiskey in them. As I was cooking I hurried into the other room and changed into some sexy launderie and my heels. See you pull the stripper heels out on special occasions because if you do it too much your man is going to start expecting it all the time. 

When he walked into the kitchen and saw me his eyes lit up. I had on a sheer red bra, that showed my soft brown nipples waiting to be sucked. Red lace hugged my curves and led all the way down to my red lacy thong. I didn't stop there though I had on knee high stockings that went up my thighs and connected to a garter. 

I went over to him and put his arms around my waist. "I'm sorry babe. I was wrong." He kissed my lips and whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry too Ash." He sat at the table while I fixed his food and sat it in front of him. I bet he felt like a king. As we ate he kept eyeing me. I knew I was getting some good loving tonight.

Chapter 10- James

The food was hot and delicious and my girl was looking hot and fucking delicious too! The see through, strappy shit was sexy af but, I just want to take all that off; she can leave them heels on though. Those nipples were protruding making me want to lick them and with every step that booty, phew! that ass bounced up and down. Did she put baby oil on her body because she is glistening. While eating my food she teased me the entire time. I sat in my chair and felt my dick grow hard, pressing up against my pants.

I downed the whiskey and said, "Fuck the food babe. You can be my dinner." I picked her up and put her over my shoulder, holding her by her ass, and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. Throwing her on the bed, I pulled my pants off, and watched her as she began to touch herself. Watching her please herself turned me on even more. "Let daddy help." I gripped her hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed while spreading her legs and exposing her already wet pussy. I put my head between her legs and inhaled, loving her natural scent. My tongue circled her clit as my fingers moved in and out of her. 

She moaned loudly making me want to please her even more. When she grabbed the back of my head I knew she was about to explode. After she got hers I flipped her over onto her stomach. "Put that ass in the air baby. Poke it out for daddy." I entered her and although I wanted to take it slow I couldn't. I thrust into her fast and deep letting her feel all of me. By now her moans turned into screams, feeling pretty good about myself I went even deeper, "You like that babygirl. You like..." I came inside of her, both of our bodies trembling. Normally she gets up to clean herself up but this time I held her close to me and she fell asleep right in my arms. 

To Be Continued...


olabode alamu October 28, 2019
Awesome read. Very very graphic, I like how the words help paint a vivid picture.
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