Standing in the Shadows (Chapters 1-5)

Posted on October 16, 2019 by Monique Bullock


A fictional story about an African American couple who is ready to take their relationship to the next level but, James has a past that might hinder him from taking that next step. A drama-filled romance that will be released in mini-chapters. Read on and feel free to leave a comment!  

Chapter 1- Ashley

“Good morning. How did you sleep?” I asked my boyfriend as I woke up intertwined with him and the covers. He kissed me lightly on the forehead, “I slept well.” I kissed him back and went into the restroom to get myself together. “Babe! What you want for breakfast?” Oh, I love a man that can cook. “Surprise me baby!” I took a hot shower, slipped on some shorts and a bra, combed out my wrapped hair, and walked downstairs smelling the delicious aroma of whatever was cooking in the kitchen. I thought to myself I am so lucky. 

He turned around from the food and pulled me into his arms. I kissed him with passion tasting the food on his lips. He unlatched my bra and started caressing and licking on my nipples making me wet. “Babe the foods cooking!” I said through slight moans. He picked me up, put me on the counter, and turned the fire from the stove, off. “It’s done,” he said while spreading my legs and continuously kissing and touching me. “Ash, baby damn you’re wet." Between kisses he started pulling off my shorts. “Baby. No, noo!” I have to go to work. 

We both sat at the kitchen table and ate then, I washed the dishes as he left to go take care of some business. I have to be to work for nine a.m and it’s already eight thirty. I quickly squeezed into my yellow skirt, threw a white button down top on, and added my favorite plain black heels and headed out the door. Okay, maybe I didn’t head right out the door but, definitely after beating my face with nothing but Mac products, I then headed out of the door. 

By the way; I work at the John & Adele III financing company in good ol’ Houston, Tx. John is my boss as you’ve probably guessed and Adele is his wife. My boyfriend, James, is a well-known real estate agent. Well- known to me, that is, doesn’t matter what others may think. Almost there, almost there, i’m thinking as I try to safely speed past cars and finish applying my lipstick. “Another red light! wow, not today satan.” I turned on my gospel music, rolled the window down for some fresh air, and saw my friend Courtney in the car next to me. I hadn’t seen her in so long. You know how it is when your friend has babies. It’s never the same! “ Heyyy girl!” I yelled out of the window as I honked my horn. 

Long story short. We pulled over to talk for a second. Court used to be my clubbing buddy until she got pregnant, with twins. Her clubbing days were over! Chatting for a second turned into into a twenty minute chat. By the time I got to work it was 10:02 a.m. I was late again!

Chapter 2- James

People don’t know how much shit I go through to help them get into a house. Okay, here we go again. “Mr. and Mrs. Baker, the lowest this house will go for is 185 thousand dollars, and trust me that is a deal compared to other homes on the market. All of the appliances come with the house. Up to date wooden floors, self- efficient carpet, and soundproof walls.

If you don't buy it I will purchase it myself. I let out a small chuckle knowing they would laugh too. "Well, give us a week to think it over and we will let you know Mr. Fortworth." "Ok, will do. See you in a week then." As I got into my truck I began to think, Damn, they're rich just buy the house. I gave my girl a call but, she didn't pick up. I hope she made it to work on time. Tonight you are all mines baby. 

Chapter 3- Ashley

I walked into the building, politely speaking, while rushing my way into the elevator. My assistant rushed in behind me, "You know you're late Ms. Richmond. John is not going to like that." Oh. Shutup! I wish I could say that out loud. Finally, on the 12th floor. As soon as I stepped out of the elevator I asked my assistant, Nancy, to make me a coffee and snuck down the, brightly lit, hall all the way to my office hoping that no one noticed I was not there on time. Shit! "Ms. Richmond please come to my office immediately." I heard over the intercom. How the hell did my boss know I was late? Does he watch me on a hidden camera or something.

I took the coffee that was just placed on my desk and walked back up the hall where I now felt everyone was watching as I took the walk of shame into my bosses office. " I am so sorry I'm late but, I brought coffee," I stated with a nervous grin on my face. He stares at me for what feels like hours; after all it is my fourth time being late in the past two weeks. "Ms. Richmond." He pauses. "Why are you late, again?" Think. Think my conscious tells me, make up a lie. "Sir. My sister came down with a serious flu and I had to rush her to the hospital!" He nods slowly as if he knows I'm lying.

"Ashley. I take this firm very seriously and if this tardiness is going to become habitual I will have to write you up and after five write ups thats it." After apologizing and assuring him that I wouldn't be late again he sent me back to my office and took the coffee. Since I was late, I didn't take a lunch break for the day, so throughout I was sucking on peppermints. I decided to call my man to see if he was having a better day than I was. 

Chapter 4- James

"Hey baby. Whatsup? Aw really, damn thats messed up. It's okay just do your best love. Yes, my day has been alright. You get off in a few hours you can make it... Daddy will have some food for you when you get home. Love you too. Bye." I hung up the phone and thought about what I could go home and cook. Hmm. Okay thinking is over, i'll stop by pizza hut. Lately i've been the only one cooking. She need to start cooking for my ass then maybe i'll reciprocate. With a large pizza in hand, I walked into the house and dropped it on the kitchen counter. Midway through a slice of mediocre pepperoni, bacon, with pineapple, pizza, I received a text. I'm not much of a texter so I called, "Yea, I forgot. Okay. I'm coming, will be there soon." 

Chapter 5- Ashley

I am so hungry. I hope I got a good meal sitting on the table when I get home. Chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and some collard greens. ooh! that sounds so good right now. As soon as the clock hit 4:59 p.m I jumped up from my desk and started walking right on to my car. I let any other work calls go straight to voicemail, on my way home, because I do not work away from work. I pulled into the driveway and didn't see James truck. I thought he was cooking for me. Maybe his friend borrowed his truck again.

"Babe!" I shouted as I entered the house. Hmm. Nope he's not here. I kicked off my heels and walked past the living room and into the kitchen.  Pizza. Really, he left me cold pizza! I text my girlfriend and let her know about this foolery. After my shameful dinner, I took of my work clothes and ran a hot bubble bath with candles. "Lights out," I said to myself as I switched off the light and eased my way into the garden tub. When the water started getting cold and the bubbles faded away I knew it was time to get out. I patted myself dry, rubbed my shea butter body cream all over my body, wrapped my hair, and put on my bonnet yet, still no James.

Nu-uh, where the hell is he. I'm not going to call because I just want to see how long he is going to stay out without so much as a, babe i'm with the guys or my truck broke down, wherever the fuck he's at. He makes me wonder sometimes. He is such a good man but, am I the only one he's good to? I slipped on my satin gown and dozed off while watching the Kardashians. 

To be continued...



Olabode Alamu October 16, 2019
Really nice and mouth watering... I wish you didn’t end the story at that point
Olabode Alamu October 16, 2019
Very nice suspense too
Maxwell Onwuka October 16, 2019
Such a talented young lady, I love it......
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