(PART 2) Losing Myself in Pleasure

Posted on December 12, 2020 by Monique Bullock


It’s been five months and things had been going good for the most part. Ray would take her out on fancy dates and give her the finer things in life and they had an amazing sex life. She wouldn’t call it making love, but moreso, fucking. There was no staring into each others eyes, no soft caressing, and no I love you’s. Instead, it was dirty kissing, titty sucking, pussy eating and straight to the point. The way he talked nasty to her in that deep, french, accent made her so wet. Jayla thought to herself, this is to good to be true, that she could be spoiled and fucked impeccably all at once. It was a Sunday morning and Jayla spent the night at Ray’s the evening before. He has a two bed, two bath apartment. It’s okay, but she thought for him to be a sugar daddy he’d be living large in a mini mansion or something. She woke up, showered, and browsed his drawers for a t-shirt. She threw on the neatly folded black v-neck and walked around his room.

All of a sudden she felt a hint of curiosity coming on. She looked under the bed, went into the closet, and saw four macbook laptops never opened before. Hmm, are one of these for me? Browsing his closet she notice that all he owned is name brand. Versace, Gucci, Armani, and more. Everything was organized by belts, hats, shoes. She gathered that he liked his property to be organized and easily accessible. Opening his nightstand she found a picture with him and his fiance. She knew it was her, because written on the back in blue ink it said, love you future hubby. So cheesy. The woman in the picture looks older. Jayla imagined that it would be some young french woman on his arm. She is of African descent, short, and real thick (in a chunky way). She looked like the complete opposite of Jayla’s slim/petite frame. She began to wonder who Ray considered more attractive, but she would never bring herself to ask such a thing.

“Booski.” Ray called out. “What you cooking girl? I’m hungry.” Jayla walked into the living room in nothing else but his t-shirt and felt shy when she saw two other guys in the living room. Ray gave a short introduction saying, “Guys this is Booski.” After the introduction he continued talking to his friends and waved towards the kitchen to Jayla letting her know again that he wanted something to eat. Jayla walked into the kitchen feeling disrespected. Who does he think I am because I damn sure don’t look nothing like his fiance. She rolled her eyes while opening the fridge to see what was in there. The refrigerator was empty with nothing but two eggs in a carton and a few bottles of water. In the freezer there was some sort of frozen meat. Jayle tip-toed out of the kitchen and back into his room. She didn’t know why she felt she needed to sneak. Once his friend left Ray came into the room and gave her a weird look. “What? There was nothing to cook in there lets just order.” Ray seemed upset when he stated, “You’re supposed to be my woman. I’m giving you money and you can’t cook?” “Uhh, remember you have a woman back home. I’m just your sugar baby you spoil me and I give you bomb ass sex and that’s it!” Jayla stormed out of the room and sat down on the faux leather sectional in his living room. She pretended to be pre-occupied on her phone when she saw Ray coming in.

“Come here Booski.” Ray said with a smile. Jayla pouted her full lips and didn’t say a word. “Oh, you mad?” Ray went over and tickled Jayla. “Stop! Stop!” She said inbetween her laughter. Ray stopped tickling her and instead started kissing her. He slid his hand under the oversized t-shirt and ran his fingers up past her belly tickling her once again before taking her shirt off completely. He touched her clit and he felt himself grow hard as he saw her looking mad, but wet and ready. “Oh so you’re mad and turned on.” Jayla didn’t say anything as she let him touch and explore her body. He held her wrist together with one hand and placed her arms above her head. “You have the right to stay mad and you have the right to take this dick.” Jayla thought to herself, this man is crazy and I think I might love him. This might have been the pleasure talking and not Jayla.

Time after time their moments spent consisted of great physical intimacy, lots of laughs, and plenty of money, but he had somewhat of a rude streak as well. Jayla was getting fed up with him treating her any kind of way. She talked to her best friend Kat about it and she stated that this is what came with the territory. “Hey daddy can I get some money for my birthday my friends and I are going out tonight and I want to have a good time.” Ray stated, “How much?” “Just 1 thousand.” Jayla stated casually.

“What’s in it for me?” “Uhh, what do you mean you know what our deal is and you haven’t even been living up to that! It’s my birthday and you haven’t given me shit.” Jayla was about to hang up the phone on Ray, but she remembered that she was the one who wanted something in the end. She humbled herself, “Please Ray, I think I deserve it. I’ve been a good girl.” Ray sighed, “Meet me at the bank. You know which one, I’ll be there in 15 minutes.

Twenty minutes later Jayla showed up at the bank and got out of the car. The cold breeze chilled her body as she walked quickly in her red bottoms over to Ray’s car. She had on a glistening, short body con dress that had a long plunge exposing her nipples when she leaned over too much. “Get in.” Jayla got into the car and noticed he didn’t have the seat warmers on like he normally does. She shook away her thoughts and said, “Thank you for my birthday gift.” He looked at her and smirked, “Booski, I’m horny lets fuck right quick.” “What? You know I have to be at my birthday dinner in a few minutes. I don’t have time.” “I took from my day to pull money out the bank for you the least you could do is give me some pussy.” Jayla kept her cool. “I don’t have time for that." Ray unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. “Well at least give me head.” She could not believe what she was hearing. This man was going to hold the money hostage until she gave him some sort of sexual pleasure. He was truly being an asshole. “Hurry.” Ray said annoyed. She leaned over to his side took hold of his dick and started to suck him off. He pushed his dick further in her mouth and held her head down with his hands. She gagged and he still didn’t let up. She didn’t know what was going on, but she knew she didn’t feel good about it. A few minutes later he came and his thick semen slid right down her throat. Tears swelled in her eyes as he let go of her head. She quickly sat up and caught her breath feeling disgusted.

She drove away one thousand dollars richer, but she felt horrible inside. She went to the restaurant and out to a few clubs after. She conversed with her friends, danced, and took plenty shots, but it didn’t help the weird feeling she felt in her gut… It’s been two weeks and Jayla hadn’t spoken to Ray. She felt used and violated. She had never swallowed before and she didn’t even want to do it. He was such an asshole. She hadn’t fully seen that side of Ray and in her head she knew she was done. He seemed to be over her anyway. She only had one missed call and one voicemail from him. She listened to the voicemail, “Booski, what’s wrong. I haven’t heard from you. I love you Booski." She heard laughter in the background of  the voicemail. Jayla knew he was around his friends and wasn’t being serious. He had never said anything close to I love you. He had never even said her real name.

“What was I thinking. I allowed myself to be an object in a relationship for money in exchange. Of course he felt he could treat me anyway I was acting as if I was a dirty prostitute on the corner outside of the busted bus stop in the hood.” Jayla cried as her best friend consoled her and made her feel less like a hoe and more like a naïve girl. “ You can’t tell anyone! This is between me and you.” Kat promised. Jayla took another puff before passing it. Kat let Jayla steal plenty puffs because she knew that she needed it more. Jayla realized that she didn’t want to go down this path. She knew she would miss the money, but it wasn’t worth selling herself. She made a promise to herself that she would never do anything that demeaned herself in any way. She decided she would love on herself before ever losing herself in pleasure.





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