(PART 1) Losing Myself in Pleasure

Posted on December 12, 2020 by Monique Bullock


Tonight was different she, Jayla, would be doing something she’s never done before. The night was cold and she had just gotten off of work. She worked at a store, as a closer, and being a cashier she met all types of people.That same day on her shift she met a man that bought four Visa cards and put 500 dollars on each one of them. She checked him out as she activated the cards. He was tall, dark, handsome, and much older than her. He had a bit of a gut and a little grey in his beard, but that just meant he was eating well and more mature. She smirked, “I want one of those gift cards.” When she gave him the receipt he wrote his number on it, said, “Give me a call” and walked out of the store. Jayla smiled at him and began ringing up the next customer. He definitely has an accent she thought to herself now wondering where he is from.

When she got off she sat in her beat up Honda, turned her r&b jams up, lit a cigarette, and drove home. Jayla was young, 22, and felt like her life was stuck on repeat. She was tired of being good, but she didn’t want to be bad either. She wasn’t sad, but she wasn’t necessarily happy. Something had to change. She went inside her small studio apartment and threw her clothes off and onto the floor as soon as she stepped in the door. She enjoyed being naked in her apartment since no one could see her anyway. She walked into the kitchen, took a plastic bowl out of the cabinet, and warmed up some ramen. Can’t eat with no tv on that’s boring, she said to herself as she flipped through Netflix for something to watch, but there was nothing good on. Instead she just put on some music. It was about 11 p.m when Jayla decided to text the number that was given to her on the receipt.


            Hey, whatsup. This is the cashier you met at the store earlier today.

           ‘Sup beautiful, how u doin

            Good, just bored. wbu?

            It’s Friday night y should you be bored. I’m going to take you out send me your add.


She thought about it for a second and normally she would’ve said no, but again she was tired of being good. I’m not boring I’m all about fun from now on. She sent him a text back with her address and said she’d be ready in 45 minutes. She turned on the shower and went over to the sink to brush her teeth before getting in. In the shower she turned around and let the hot water run down her back. Moaning, feeling tingly from the steamy water, she washed her body with soap and her hands. Her hand moved over her breast and she squeezed her nipples while moving her other hand firmly on her clit. Fantasizing over and older man touching her petite body and spoiling her, she almost came right there in the shower.

Standing in front of her full length mirror she looked at her brown skin, long thick hair that she always kept in a pony tail, and her body that was curvy but petite. She turned around and looked back at her ass and smiled. I might not have no titties, but I got some booty ayeee. Feeling hyped Jayla put on her short, skimpy red dress that hugged her body and started putting on her makeup.


               I’m outside.

               Ok. I’m coming. Gate code #2238 come around back apt. 69


She wasn’t ready yet, but he was going to have to wait. 29 min later, hair flat ironed and makeup ready, Jayla grabbed her fur jacket, going for that boujee look, walked downstairs and almost fell as she hadn’t worn high heels in a while. She glanced around the parking lot and saw a black car driving up to her. Okay Benz I see you. He got out of the car gave her a hug placing his hand on the small of her back and opened the door. “Get in my dear.” Yea he’s definitely older. The car had that, new car scent, and the inside was nice and toasty. The seat was keeping her booty and her kitty good and warm. “So where are we going mister stranger.” He laughed, “Call me Ray and hopefully I won’t be a stranger by the end of tonight.” “Mhmm. We’ll see.” 30 minutes later they pulled up to a lounge and drove up to the front. He got out handed a man some cash and came around to open the door for her. Grabbing her hand he led her into the lounge.

Wow, this club is nice af. He led her over to the small leather couch, vip section, and waved for one of the cocktail waitresses to come over. “What do you want to drink Jayla?” How did he know my name? “I’ll have a cosmo.” He ordered their drinks and a hookah, and they had small talk until everything arrived. Two drinks later and a few hookah puffs in Jayla was feeling tipsy and relaxed. Feeling the loud music she stood up and started dancing on his lap grinding her hips on him while still puffing hookah. He whispered in her ear, “Looks like you’re having a good time. You’re so sexy.” While kissing her neck he grabbed her hips firmly and pressed her up against him. She could feel his hard dick against her instantly making her wet. He stood up behind her and they danced; His hands feeling her, caressing her body as if it was just them at the lounge. Although she had just met him that same day she was already starting to feel comfortable with him. He was funny, mature, and definitely a gentleman or at least the alcohol had her feeling like he was all that and more. It was two in the morning and the lounge turned up the dim lights and told everyone it was time to go.

Ray held her by her waist and guided her through the crowd to the car that was waiting right outside. Jayla felt goosebumps rising on her legs as she stumbled her way to the car in the chill of the early winter hours. She got in and noticed the seat was still nice and warm for her, she kept her eyes on him the whole time as he walked around to the driver’s side and got in. “What are you looking at girl?”, Ray said in a joking manner. She giggled, “I’m looking at you and what you going to do about it!” He reached over and tickled her playfully, watching her wiggle in her seat. “Let’s go.” Ray reached over and grabbed her seatbelt buckling it for her. He drove back to her place and parked in front of her apartment in the visitors spot. Just as he was about to open his door she climbed over into his lap and he let his seat back to give her more room. He was not expecting her to be so bold, but then again she was slightly tipsy. She kissed his lips and tasted the whiskey on his breath, she paused, then continued kissing him. He grabbed her waist and pulled her closer letting his tongue slip into her parted lips. She moaned feeling herself getting wet. He pulled her dress down exposing her breast and licked around her nipples with his tongue making them hard. Jayla was wanting him so bad, but he took his time exploring, kissing, and licking every part of her body. She was enjoying it but she wanted to be licked somewhere else. “Let’s go into my place”, she said in between moans. “Are you sure?” “Yes, please.”

Barely making it into the door he pulled her dress off and pushed her onto the bed, hard. He spread her legs apart and caressed her clit with his tongue, tasting and feeling how warm and wet she was. “Yes, please,” she moaned. Her breathing was heavy and he continued licking and sucking on her clit while moving his fingers in and out of her pussy. Hearing her sweet moans was like music to his ears and when he felt her body coming closer to an orgasm he slowed down so she can take in every sensation he was giving. Her pussy was throbbing and she felt herself clenching, trembling... “Okay, cum for daddy.” Those three words took Jayla over the edge and she came all over his fingers. Before she could even gather her thoughts he flipped her over and slid his dick in from behind. Instead of starting slow he fucked her rough. She screamed out and she wasn’t even sure if it was from the pleasure or the pain, but he kept going despite her cries.

Jayla awoke around five in the morning feeling good and back to herself. Ray was asleep next to her and she was left with her thoughts. What did I do? Did he even use protection? She got up to use the restroom and said a prayer on the way back to bed. Hours later the sun now coming through the blinds Jayla woke to a loud talking Ray on the phone. Sounds like he was talking about business and although he was speaking English, she couldn’t really understand him because of his strong accent. Rising out of bed Jayla stretched and walked into her small, but cute, pink and silver accented restroom to get ready for the day. While she was showering he burst into the restroom and asked, “What are you cooking us for breakfast?” Jayla, a little frightened from his sudden entrance, gathered herself. “Uhh, what would you like to eat?” She wasn’t use to a man asking her to cook especially after a one night stand. Not that she’d ever done a one night stand in her life. Shit, I don’t even cook. Do I have food in the fridge? She thought about these things as she finished her shower. When she stepped out of the restroom wrapped in her towel Ray looked at her like she was worth a million bucks. Jayla smiled and walked past him blowing a kiss as she walked into her closet to find something to wear. Although her studio apartment was small with no doors, her walk in closet was her sanctuary. She slid the mirrored door closed for some privacy and picked her outfit for the day.

Browsing the fridge she saw eggs and, ooh bacon! Didn’t even know this was in here. Cooking eggs and bacon seemed simple enough and checking her cabinets she had one skillet and one pot just enough to do what she was trying to do. As she cooked she finally broke the ice and said, “So what do you do for work?” “I sell luxury cars in different states.” “Okay, cool because I could use a new car, daddy,” she said jokingly. “So I’m daddy now?” “Only if you want to be.” Ray smirked, “We’ll see.” She took over the food and gave him a full disclosure, “Look, I don’t really cook much.” “It’s okay you’ll learn.” Jayla didn’t quite know how to take that. She thought to herself, who said I wanted to learn. Instead of saying something smart she bit into her over cooked bacon and browsed through her phone. “Thanks for breakfast dear, I must get going.” He pulled out his wallet, dropped some money on the table, kissed her and left.

Jayla didn’t know whether she would see him again or if the money was his way of saying thanks for the great fuck. She counted the money, 178 dollars, okay cool. Today was the first Saturday Jayla had off in a minute. Working in retail you hardly ever get weekends off. She went outside on her tiny patio, breathed in the fresh air, then lit her cigarette. Deep down she knew smoking was a bad habit, but she didn’t care. After her morning smoke break she realized it was still a little early and got back into bed. Later on that evening Jayla got out of the house and drove over to her girl friend, Jessica’s, house. She always had something going on at her spot. Tonight she invited Jayla and and a few other friends over for her latest sip & dish event where the girls come together, sip on some cheap wine and tequila, and dish all their secrets outs.

“Okayyy, now that all y’all bitches are good and tipsy it’s time to dish! Let’s start with you Coco.” Jessica looked at Coco as if she better spill some type of tea or she’s uninvited. “I have nothing to spill Jess! Ok fine I had a threesome last night with them twins we met at the club!” “With both of ‘em, giiirl you bad!”, exclaimed Whitney. Everybody was dishing their secrets and Jayla didn’t know if she was ready to dish hers. She felt like what happened last night should be private, between him and her, after all he is an older man. While everyone was gossiping and laughing Jayla made her way to Jessica’s patio letting the dog come out with her. She sat down in the lounge chair, lit her cigarette, and looked up at the night sky. As she exhaled she said, “Max, do you think he’s even going to call me again?” The dog looked up at her and sighed. “Yeah I know, but I think I like him. Like actually like him, I don’t know maybe I was just dick-notized.” Max barked, “Yea yea what do you know you’re just a damn dog.” Jayla finished her cigarette in silence inhaling and exhaling slowly. She went back inside the apartment and luckily they were done dishing and now on to chatting about YouTube celebrities. Jayla poured herself a shot of tequila and joined in on the gossip trying to forget about Ray for the night.

It was around 2 a.m when Jayla woke up to vibrations under her butt. Her phone was ringing. She looked around and noticed she had fallen asleep on Jessica’s couch. This was one comfy, plush couch. Jayla pulled her phone from out of her back pocket and to her surprise it was Ray. “Hello.”, she said groggily. “Were you sleeping?” “Uhh, kinda.” “I’m coming over booski.” “Wait. What? I’m not home.” “Ohh, you’ve moved on already?”, Ray said teasingly. “No, it’s not like that I’m at my home girls place and I just crashed.” “Hmm. Ok, do you want me to come get you?” “Yea, you can come I’ll text you address.” 15 min later Ray text her telling her to come outside. Jayla looked around for her knee length coat and put it on before heading out the door. “So where we going to?”, Jayla said as she hopped in his car shivering. Ray found a parking spot tucked away at the end of Jessica’s apartments and pulled in. “We’re here.” “Uhh. We didn’t go anywhere, stop playing.” “We don’t need to go anywhere we can have a quickie right here in the car.” Jayla looked around and didn’t say anything. Is he serious? Ray reached over and started kissing on her. “Nu-uh, why don’t we just go to your place?” Between kissing her he stated, “My place is too far. The car is fine, relax.” Jayla was feeling uneasy and she definitely was not turned on. She really liked this guy though or maybe she saw luxury and big $$$ signs in him.

She suppressed her slight attitude, but she wanted to get straight to the point so she unbuckled his YSL belt, unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick and got to work, with her mouth that is. She spit on his dick to get it nice and wet then she popped it into her mouth sucking hard. He leaned his chair back taking it all in, “damn girl you know exactly what you doing.” In her mind she was thinking, not really I got this from pornhub. After getting him nice and hard she rose up and climbed in the backseat. Ray was too big to climb so he got out the car and quickly got into the backseat so that the cold from outside wouldn’t ruin his hard on. She got on all fours and placed her hands against the foggy, chilled window. Hunched over due to the small backseat, Ray entered her from behind. He thrust into her with deep, fast movements. Tonight he wasn’t concerned with giving her an orgasm he just wanted to get his own. A few minutes later he came into the condom and felt all tension leave his body. Breathing hard they lay in the back for a few minutes.

Jayla didn’t care that she didn’t cum she knew she’d be getting bigger treats in the future. Interrupting her thoughts he whispers, “You’re really sweet booski.” “Why do you call me that?” He chuckled, “It’s just my nickname for you. My sweet booski.” “Okay, fine.” Jayla figured it was time to make her move. “So, what are we doing?” “We’re just having fun booski!” “I don’t just have fun with older men, mister.” “Okay, so what do you do with older men.” “I don’t know. I mean this is new to me, but I guess just take me to nice places, take care of me, give me 500 dollar gift cards.” They both laughed. “Okay booski I got you taken care of girl.” They got themselves together and he drove out of the secluded parking spot and back to where her car was parked. She opened the door to get out, “Wait, here booski.” He pulled some cash out of his wallet and handed it to her. She blew him a kiss and went on home.

              Sleep well Booski. Hope the $500 cash is as good as the gift card you loaded for me in the store.

Jayla went inside and dozed off quickly after reading his text. She slept pretty much the whole day until it was time for her shift. Standing at the cash register she grew bored; Her day was going by so slow. She loved when a crowd of people would come to her line because it made her day go by quicker. There were a few customers here and there, but for the most part it was empty and her best coworker friend had the day off so she really didn’t have anyone to joke around with. The only good thing about work today was that she had been texting her new man Ray all day today. Short text here and there with emojis. I wonder where he lives and why haven’t I been over there yet? Jayla walked around the store and did her nightly duties before closing up. It was just her and two other co-workers so she swept the floor while they did restroom and trash. Jayla called Ray on her way to the car and the phone went straight to voicemail. He text back shortly after:


               I can’t talk right now will text you later.

               awe, I want to come over 

               I know bb. Will see you tomorrow we can do dinner.

               ok cool. Gdnight daddy 

               Gn dear

Luckily she works a morning shift tomorrow and will be off by 3:30 p.m. That night Jayla was feeling good. She got her some what-a-burger with a strawberry shake because now she had extra income coming in where she could splurge. After eating she put on some relaxing music, ran a hot bubble bath, and slid in slowly. She pulled back her covers once she finished her bath and got into bed with her satin shorts set pajamas. The next morning Jayla woke up feeling refreshed although it was 6a, because she knew she was having dinner with her man later on that evening. Morning shifts always went by quicker than the night shifts. Customers flooded the store keeping her preoccupied and having small talk as she rang up their items. Every hour she glanced down at her phone to see how much time she had left before getting off.

It was 3:30p and the evening staff came to relieve Jayla so she could put customer’s unwanted items up and leave. Jayla drove to her home girl Kat’s place and they both went to the mall to do some shopping before her dinner date tonight. On a normal day she  would not go out shopping just for a date, but for this man she wanted to look more womanly since he is an older man putting money into her pockets. Walking through the mall from store to store Kat and Jayla had small talk. "There's Windsor, let's go in there I bet I'll find something sexy."  The girls strolled into the store and started browsing the racks. "ooh, girl try this on it's all soft and clingy this will look so good on you." Kat handed Jayla the skin tone silk dress with the long slit on the right side in a size small and they kept on looking. Seven dresses later Jayla found herself in the dressing room with Kat to try everything on. She walked out of the store about thirty minutes later happily satisfied with the $325 she spent.

Hours later Jayla was dressed in her new peach colored, body con Windsor dress and ready to go. Ray was waiting downstairs patiently as Jayla sprayed her vanilla love body spray all over and slid into her clear heels. Ray watched from the car as she locked her door, eyeing her soft curves and the shape of her ass. He knew she was young and admired how easily she gets wet for him whenever. He loved his fiancé, but he liked having other women that are young and fresh whenever he was away from home. Right now he had three women in Houston that he had on rotation, but for some reason he liked the idea of hanging out with Jayla more. In his mind all these girls are just a good fuck, but his fiancé that he plans to marry by the end of the year is his real queen. Home is in London where his fiancé and two children are. 11 year old girl and a 7 year old boy. He travels to Houston a lot for business purposes and is away from home more often than not, but this allows him to provide and give his family all that they need and want. “Hey daddy.” Jayla smiled as she got into the car and sat down on the cozy warm seats.

“I’m taking you to this nice little restaurant. It’s cozy and the food is really nice. You like Italian right?” “I’m sure I’ll love it.” They conversed and took in the tunes all the way to the restaurant. Jayla was feeling like a million bucks because this place was exquisite. She now knew that he thinks very highly of her. The waitor guided them over to a small table in a private area and pulled out her chair. “What would you like to drink miss? We have our special white wine tonight if you are interested in trying that. It has a crisp, light taste. ” Ray nodded, “Yes, please bring a bottle to the table, thank you.” The waitor nodded and left the area to give them a few minutes to browse their menus. Eyeing the menu Jayla decided to go for the lobster dish with a side salad. She was stuck in her own thoughts when Ray broke the silence. “Jayla, I need to be honest with you.” “Uh. Oh. What is this about?” Jayla stated in a slight sarcastic voice. Before Ray could get out his next sentence the waitor briskly walked over and poured them a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, placing the bottle on the table afterwards. Ray ordered for the both of them and continued on with their conversation. “I really like you dear, but I’ve got to tell you something. I have a fiance back home in London and she comes to visit me here every so often. I would love to keep seeing you and I hope me telling you this doesn’t ruin what we have going on.”

Jayla could not believe what she heard. All she could think of is that she is second in this mans life and she felt a little guilty on top of that. What would his woman back home think. “ Say something Booski.” She downed the rest of her wine and hoped this would make her feel better about what she was about to say. “ Look Ray what you do when you are not with me is your business, but when you are with me I better feel like I’m your only woman. Ray smiled, “ Okay, pinky swear. Its just me and you Booski. In his eyes the rest of the night went well, but really Jayla was feeling down. She didn’t care that he was just a sugar daddy, but she did care that there was another woman in his life.

End of part 1


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This was so good! I had to read it again before going to part two. ❤
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